ab 2020: the aubrey Beardsley society

I have created and keep running AB 2020: The Aubrey Beardsley Society, supported by the Alessandra Wilson Fund. It presents a hybrid of a digital humanities project, an online publication platform, and an exercise in community building.

I curate the digital archive of open-access primary and secondary sources on Aubrey Beardsley (AB Library) while also commissioning scholarly and creative pieces for the Society's publication platform (AB Blog).

I keep the community of scholars and amateurs engaged through a variety of initiatives, including the Emerging Beardsley Scholar Prize, Artist in Residence programme, and a monthly newsletter. The Society's Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube keep the Beardsley Craze ablaze!

ABIRTHDAY: Aubrey Beardsley turns 149

On 21 August 2021, Beardsley turned 149 years old while the Aubrey Beardsley Society celebrated its first year. Two Beardsleyites extraordinaire, Professor Margaret Stetz and Dr Kate Hext, helped us mark the occasion by speaking on the topics of utmost decadent interest. The event was organised by the Aubrey Beardsley Society in association with the British Association of Decadence Studies and Birkbeck Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies. Watch the recording here.

Aubrey Beardsley 150: The Artist Resurgent

Aubrey Beardsley entered the last Victorian decade a precocious 18-year-old with a passion for music, art, literature, and theatre, obliged to earn a living as a clerk at an insurance firm. He died of tuberculosis two years before the decade’s end, having lent his name to the period, an author of a thousand radical designs which achieved ‘publicity without a frame, and beauty without modelling’. The year 2022 will mark the 150th anniversary of Beardsley’s birth – which the Aubrey Beardsley Society will celebrate in style on 21 August 2022 at St Bride, London. Read the call for papers here.